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Namit Tuition Services

Every Parent has primary responsibility to take care of our kids, as far as their academic results are concerned. Namit Tuition Center is to improve test scores across a variety of subjects. A customized learning experience designed by a tutoring center helps to build up a student’s strengths while reducing problem areas. Our Professional teachers believe in providing the learning for understanding with the intention of this we are facilitating students with Digital Classes, Moral and Formal Education, Extra Support and Assistance.

No matter, how well his or her teacher explains the material; some students simply need more time to practice the skill and to revise the lessons taught in the class. Same time due to vast competition education quickly becomes more important for building a successful career and parents have not much time to pay attention on the weakness of their children. Here Namit tutoring classes Kharar helpful in providing this additional support and enable the students to improve their skills, confidence and overall personality.

A customized learning experience designed by a Namit Education Center in Kharar helps to support a student’s strength and Career. We have an expert teaching team for almost all the subjects such as Math Tutoring, English Tutoring, Physics Tutoring, Chemistry Tutoring, Accounts Tutoring, Economics Tutoring, Primary School Tutoring, High School Training.

We have special classes for Degree, Diploma Students by Professional teachers who work to obtain a better result.

English Tutor

Ger support of qualified English Tutor that helps you clearing your doubts related to grammar topics and rules. Our Teacher help the students to grab good command over the language by practicing hard with continuous speaking, writing and listening sessions.

Math Tutor

Is your child facing difficulty in solving mathematics problems? Increase understanding of the Maths concepts in short span of time by our Professional Math tutors.They help to bring the students back on track by finding the root cause of the problem.

Economics Tutor

Grip your command on mechanism of production, distribution, supply, demand and consumption of goods and services. Here we have skilled Economics tutors help you to understand all financial terms.


Chemistry Tutor

Subject like Chemistry is complex and broad and it’s very crucial to build the command on reactions, composition, structure, properties, behavior etc. Find the best Chemistry tutoring options with our experienced tutors. We help you to understand the Chemistry with ease.


Physics Tutor

Physics is an important subject and based on a number of central theories. Now start getting best grades in physics with our Expert Physics tutors. Our highly skilled teachers assist you to improve your core concepts, Maths skills, formula command and logic.


Accounts Tutor

Expert Accounts tutors are available here to help for all level of account students. Learn accounting terms, identify cost drivers, revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows and calculate net income with ease.

Mission Vision and Goal

Our Goal

Providing comprehensive, individually focused learning that prepares students of all ages for academic and life success, based upon their unique needs and goals.

Our Mission

Provide customized educational programs with positive experience and opportunities oriented environment for every student to improve their skills and build self-esteem.

Our Visions

Support all our students in their efforts to achieve their personal education goals. Deliver programs for each student to cultivate the learning skills necessary for life achievements.

Why Choose Us

Skill Teacher

-Handpicked and trained to
provide quality teaching

Personalized Teaching

-100% Personal attention
-Teaching at student's pace

Convenient & Safe

-Convenient and Safe location
-Great learning guaranteed


Moral and Formal Education

-Ethical Education
to learn Good and Right principles


Digital Classes

-Using Projector and Videos
for practical learning


Parents Meetings

-Interacting with Parents
for developing the progress

Happy Parents and Children

Testimonials from Families

Our Team